A Future Made in Western Sydney


Australia must be a country that makes things. After almost a decade of sending manufacturing offshore and neglecting Australian workers, we’ve seen the consequences: fewer jobs, missed opportunities, and a nation left exposed when coronavirus hit. Labor will rebuild our proud manufacturing industry, and build a future made right here in Australia.

A Labor Government would: 

  • Bring manufacturing home, creating thousands of jobs. 

  • Adopt a climate plan that creates jobs, cuts electricity prices, and lowers emissions.

  • Require that 1 in 10 jobs on major federally-funded infrastructure projects are given to apprentices, trainees or cadets. 

More trains, trams, and ferries built here.

We’ve seen what happens when governments buy trains, trams, and ferries from overseas on the cheap. They don’t fit the tracks, they don’t fit under bridges, and they’re not fit for purpose. Worst of all, it’s Australian workers who miss out on the manufacturing jobs. Labor will put Australian workers first and make sure more trains, trams, and ferries are made here. 

A country that makes things again. 

Australia is blessed with natural resources, but under this government we’re missing out on an opportunity to value add and employ Australians in manufacturing. A Labor Government will invest in our manufacturing sector and get the cheapest energy to where it’s needed through an overdue upgrade to our outdated energy grid. With cheap and abundant renewable energy, our manufacturing sector will create jobs for Australians.

Local Defence jobs will come first. 

To keep Australians safe and our region peaceful, we will need to invest in defence. A Labor Government will prioritise local jobs for defence contracts with our Defence Industry Development Strategy. Over the next decade, there is $270 billion of defence spending on the books. By maximising local content we will create jobs and establish a local defence manufacturing sector.

More apprentices, more trainees.

There are 85,000 fewer people doing an apprenticeship or traineeship than there were when Labor was in government. A Labor Government will ensure Australia’s young people get the opportunity to learn a skill or a trade by guaranteeing 1 in 10 workers on federally-funded projects will be an apprentice, trainee or cadet. We’ll also bring unions, businesses, governments, and industry together and create Jobs and Skills Australia to match the training of today with the jobs of tomorrow.