Stand Against Racism

Race-based violence is on the rise.

We’ve seen terrifying attacks on people of Asian appearance and on Australian Muslims, a 30% rise in direct anti-Semitic attacks in Australia, and the tragic Christchurch massacre in New Zealand last year.

Meanwhile the Morrison Government has been missing in action.

The Liberal’s record on racism has been shocking. This Government proposed changes to Race Discrimination Act to weaken protections against hate speech, and then Senator George Brandis said, “everyone has the right to be a bigot”.

Racism takes a real and lasting toll on individual lives and communities.

Peter Dutton does a regular talkback radio interview slot and too often sits there quietly while the host of that program makes offhanded comments – that's not leadership; that's enabling behaviour.

It allows racism, whether it's casual or purposeful to take hold in people's minds and it's to the detriment of Australia and all Australians alike.

So, what can we do?

Together, we can take a stand against racism.

That’s why Labor is calling for a new national anti-racism campaign, promoting a zero-tolerance approach to racism.