Your Wages Are Not Keeping Up

Your Wages Are Not Keeping Up Main Image


Lots of people have been telling me they’re worried about how prices are going up.


Whether it be petrol, groceries, childcare, health – they are all up, up, up all over South West Sydney.


But, your pay rises haven’t been keeping up.


Worse still, Mr Morrison has been caught out not even knowing the cost of basic things like petrol, milk, or a rapid antigen test. 


That just shows how out of touch Mr Morrison and his Liberal Government is. 


Under the Liberals over the past 9 years:

  • Beef mince has gone up from $6 a kilo to $13 
  • Lamb chops have gone up from $8 a kilo to $18
  • And, out-of-pocket childcare costs has gone up from around $10,000 to more than $14,000


And, petrol prices are now reaching $2 a litre in parts of South West Sydney.


Of course, when prices grow faster than your wages, you’re worse off –your pay doesn’t go as far at the supermarket or the petrol station.


Research from the McKell Institute shows that the average Australian worker would be earning $254 more each week if wage growth had continued at the rate achieved under the last Labor Government. 

That is $13,000 a year that families are missing out on. 


Read more about the McKell Institute research


Mr Morrison and his Liberal mates have been promising pay rises for nine years, but not delivering anything except for higher prices at the supermarket. And why? 


Former Finance Mathias Cormann let the cat out of the bag when he admitted that low wage growth is “a deliberate design feature of our economic architecture” under the Morrison Government.

Now, Mr Morrison can’t even tell you the price of things like milk and petrol. 


Let’s face it, Mr Morrison is out of touch, and we can’t believe a word Mr Morrison says.