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09 July 2021


Mr Morrison had two jobs this year. Roll out the vaccine and set up safe national quarantine.

Not only has Mr Morrison failed on both counts, he has shovelled a whole lot of BS out the door as he's covered up his mistakes.
On the day Labor was preparing to release this BS Report that scrutinises three examples of Mr Morrison’s vaccine roll-out BS, Mr
Morrison has been caught dishing out brand new BS today.

Pfizer has contradicted media reports this morning that Mr Morrison had struck a new deal to bring additional Pfizer into Australia. In contrast, Pfizer has said, "The total number of 40 million doses we are contracted to deliver to Australia over 2021 has not changed. We continue to work closely with the Government to support their rollout program."

The fact remains that less than eight per cent of Australians are fully vaccinated.

Today’s BS about the vaccine roll-out is no surprise given Mr Morrison’s track record of BS:

  • Morrison BS Promise 1: 4 million Australians vaccinated by end of March

Mr Morrison said that his Government would vaccinate 4 million Australians by the end of March.

But, by the end of March, there were only 600,000 doses administered - some 15% of Mr Morrison's target.

  • Morrison BS Promise 2: 6 million vaccine doses for Australians by 10th of May

Mr Morrison said the Government would deliver some 6 million doses for Australians by the 10th of May.

But, as of the 10th of May only two and a half million vaccination doses have been administered. Nowhere near 6 million and nowhere near getting these people fully vaccinated.

  • Morrison BS Promise 3: Australia at the "front of the queue" for vaccine deals

Back in November, Mr Morrison told us he had a strategy to put Australians at the "front of the queue" for vaccine deals.

Australia is ranked 113th in the world by the number of vaccine doses administered per head of population. We are dead last amongst OECD countries.

Countries like the US, the United Kingdom and Japan were making Pfizer deals back in July 2020, but, Australia didn't secure a Pfizer deal until the end of 2020, putting us at the back of the queue.

Australians know that this "front of the queue" claim for Mr Morrison is just more of his BS.

Now, Mr Morrison has dropped the idea of vaccine targets all together, and instead Australia has "horizons". The thing about a horizon is that you never actually meet it.

Vaccination horizons is just another BS phrase from Mr Morrison, and for most Australians, it just means that their vaccination is far off in the distance.

In a health crisis, Australians deserve so much better from a Prime Minister.

When it comes to the vaccine rollout, Mr Morrison isn't taking responsibility, he isn't doing his job, and he isn't fixing the problems.

Mr Morrison's only answer has been to dish out more and more BS.

Labor launched the BS Report, because it’s time to call out all the BS that comes from Mr Morrison. For a while, “Scotty from Marketing” was a bit funny, but Mr Morrison’s relationship with the truth has gotten beyond a joke.

Let’s face it: Mr Morrison is never straight with the Australian people.

Labor won’t stand-by and let Mr Morrison BS.

Mr Morrison – he’s not straight with the public, and he’s not on your side.